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Personalized Customer Service – The key to win the Millennials!

Personalized Customer Service – The key to winning the Millennials – The Digital Tipping Point

Close to 80%, customers would like to be served by a person/human while it comes to customer service, says latest research done by Verint across more than 24,000 consumers and 1,000 businesses across 12 countries. The key to winning customers is to maintain a human touch in today’s world. In other words, the digital era that is running after artificial intelligence and automation need balance right between human and digital customer service. The survey says that 79% customers want direct person contact to remain part of customer service and 74% of customers do not like to associate with companies that do not provide a contact phone number on their website. 65% of the customers feel they receive better service when speaking to a person on the phone or in-store. Hence Customer support with human touch plays a key role in the success of the venture.

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