Re-marketing – a walk through!

Re-marketing – a walk through!

What is Google Re-marketing?

What is remarketing


Re-marketing is the scientific approach to target the lost visitors on your website on the digital channel elsewhere than your website ie: the customers those who might not make a purchase or submit any query or signed-up for a promotional offer. Re-marketing allows you to specifically target those customers with targeted and customized ad towards the customers those who have visited your website but not completed the purchase funnel while they surf the internet.

While re-marketing ensures your ads visible on to customers those who have previously visited your website or app, there are many factors which drive the possibilities and opportunities.  As per the recent study was done by Google, on an average of six times, a customer visits your website in the purchase process. Even though the customers would do a research, rate shopping or just enquired about the products or service, you will still want to re-engage with them when the customers take a decision to buy the product or service.


how google remarketing works

For some large business units like travel or retail it is advisable to start off with dynamic re-marketing to garner potential customers and help to showcase the most tailored ad possible based on your existing inventory. There are three basics for re-marketing:

Reach the right audience at the right moment

Reaching the right audience at the right time with the right product or service with right pricing can improve the conversion rates. Make the visitors those who visited your website previously and re-engage them by providing a hook to cling on to the product or service which the visitor is interested. This can happen while you have sources to create that visitor list, consider the given below sources to successfully create your re-marketing audience lists for display re-marketing:

  • Desktop and mobile website visitors: The most common source for building the re-marketing lists is desktop and mobile website visitors. Top categories to be looked at for the list of visitors are site visitors, product category page viewers, shopping cart abandoned users, product description page viewers, and previous converters.
  • Native app users: There are two main use cases for mobile app remarketing: driving conversions for a product or services or app re-engagement for customers. Top categories to be looked at for the list of visitors are site visitors, product category page viewers, shopping cart abandoned users, product description page viewers, and previous converters. To drive app re-engagement, your re-marketing lists should focus on lapsed or inactive users.
  • YouTube video viewers: Once you have linked your AdWords account and YouTube channel, create video remarketing lists based on your YouTube viewers and the specific actions that they’ve taken with your channel.

Enhance your re-marketing with similar audiences.

You can enhance the reach of the target audience in re-marketing campaigns with the help of Google AdWords lookalike targeting method while you enable re-marketing. It’s easy to find similar kind of target audiences those who share similar kind of interests and behaviors with the same like those customers already on the re-marketing lists. While enhancing re-marketing list, it’s obvious that the conversion percent will also grow. The recent study by Google says that the conversion can grow up to 38% compared to using only re-marketing. Some of the best practices where Google Display Network campaigns can be used for re-marketing are:

  • Make use of top performing keywords on your remarketing list from your Search campaigns
  • Make use of your website taxonomy on the keyword selection to guide campaign structure
  • Try to add relative keywords based on broad match concept and structure them grouped ads.
  • Look for the opportunities tab to make it automated and opportunities
  • Create a strong negative keyword list, this will help you optimized with your budget and CPA

CPA for new vs existing customers

Keep in consideration that the CPA will be always higher for a new customer than the existing customer. This will help you set targets for optimized use of budgets, by keeping the budget balanced between new customers and re-marketing customers, it can cost effectively deliver new and highly-qualified customers. Automating your campaign targeting with display targeting optimization will help you get closer to the targeted CPA. This also helps you to drive more volume through the campaigns based on the performance goals.

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