eCommerce market in India [Infographic]

eCommerce market in India [Infographic]



In 2009 India’s eCommerce market was about $3.9 billion. There has been a steep growth thus far and the market value climbed to $12.6 billion in 2013. Retail segment has recorded US$2.3 billion worth in 2013 out of which India’s travel eCommerce market share was about 70% followed by Electronics and Apparel.

Google India has predicted the online shoppers and eCommerce netizens will reach the 100 million mark by end of the year 2016. As per Internet and Mobile Association of India, India’s eCommerce industry will reach US$ 30 billion by December 2016. Digital India is expected to generate US$100 billion retail revenue by 2020 out of which 60% will be from Travel industry followed by fashion eCommerce and retail. eCommerce market in India is growing by 80% YOY and the major contribution is from mobile phones.


The beautiful infographic from Coupon Hippo explains to us how India can become the next big player in eCommerce, abstract as given:

  • Travel will increase significantly than predicted
  • Tier 2 and 3 cities should more focus on digital infrastructure and education.
  • Seamless payment options need to be introduced for Mobile customers
  • More Mobile applications to be developed to support retail
  • Cyber Security and Fraud management should be looked at the global level.
  • Retail too will grow more than the prediction
  • Women’s purchase power will also increase due to more accessibility options




Source :, Google and Wiki


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