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Personalized Customer Service – The key to win the Millennials!

Personalized Customer Service – The key to winning the Millennials – The Digital Tipping Point

Close to 80%, customers would like to be served by a person/human while it comes to customer service, says latest research done by Verint across more than 24,000 consumers and 1,000 businesses across 12 countries. The key to winning customers is to maintain a human touch in today’s world. In other words, the digital era that is running after artificial intelligence and automation need balance right between human and digital customer service. The survey says that 79% customers want direct person contact to remain part of customer service and 74% of customers do not like to associate with companies that do not provide a contact phone number on their website. 65% of the customers feel they receive better service when speaking to a person on the phone or in-store. Hence Customer support with human touch plays a key role in the success of the venture.

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Email marketing is still the mainstream media channel in digital marketing!

Email marketing is still the mainstream media channel in digital marketing!

Email marketing is still the mainstream media channel in digital marketing!


Email marketing is still the mainstream media channel in digital marketing. Its easy to reach-out to potential customers or existing customers through email. Email gets delivered 90% of the time compared with a Facebook post, on average, 2% of fans and followers. Moreover, email marketing generates 3 times the conversion rate of social media.

Here are some interesting facts about email marketing:

1. Email Marketing Is Economical

Comparatively email marketing is economical than all other media channels. Email database can be availed in very economical rates based on our reach expectation!

There are number of email marketing tools like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or iContact which can be used for effectively manage the campaign with lot more features to do AB testing, subject line testing, etc.

2. Email Marketing Can Make You a Better Marketer

Modern email marketing tools and software do extremely well at building in the knowledge that factor into the marketing campaigns. The excellence will be based on the background and experience in email marketing.

Suggesting a time to send, comparing open rates against similar companies in your industry, and pointing out which messages received the strongest response are integrated into these systems. All you have to do is settle in with a cup of coffee and thirty minutes to review the data, neatly organized for you, presented in the dashboard.

3. Everyone Uses Email

Everyone uses email as formal medium to communicate to customers, Now a days emails are considered as official documents to avail certain benefits.

According to Litmus, a web-based email creation, testing and analytics platform, 91 percent of email users check their email at least daily. That blows away any comparable activity level on social and so far exceeds what traditional marketing can claim to reach.

4. Email Marketing Improves Your Brand Image

Email marketing improves and boost brand image on customers mind, with 3-5 % open rate, the emails opened by customer can well recall a brand mentioned in the email. Also it help enforce the brand image on its new and potential customers.
Some email-marketing vendors even make it easy to take what you’ve designed and print it out as a flyer or poster.

5. Email Marketing Has Low Production Costs

Email Marketing has low production cost comparatively. Once subscription costs for the email marketing system are covered, the incremental cost to communicate is negligible.

Hence its very effective to use email to share news updates, promote latest products, all without the pressure of burning marketing monies.

Email personalization – the BigE in Digital Marketing

Email personalization – the BigE in Digital Marketing

Email personalization – the BigE in Digital Marketing


Email personalization will be the next frontier in marketing, but it requires a more holistic customer view. Email marketing is very powerful tool for customer acquisition and retention.

Whilst paid and organic search plays major role in customer acquisition, email marketing is vital in both customer acquisition and retention. At the same time the role of re-targeting plays safe in both tangents and it’s mandatory to the success.

According to whitepaper “Trends in Digital Retail – A WBR Digital Whitepaper Presented in Conjunction with Sailthru, Criteo, & SOASTA” Paid search and email marketing continue to be the cornerstones of customer acquisition, while email stands alone as the most important digital driver of customer retention. Perhaps more interesting is the expanding use of retargeting for retention and upsells. Retargeting, which has traditionally been thought of as an acquisition-driver, is now being used by a third of retailers for customer retention.

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Inbox- Innovations – Changes to email inboxes create new marketing opportunities!

Inbox- Innovations – Changes to email inboxes create new marketing opportunities!

Inbox- Innovations – Changes to email inboxes create new marketing opportunities!


Despite the rise of new consumer messaging options, marketers still love email because it consistently delivers a high ROI and continues to be the most effective channel for maintaining customer relationships. As much as marketers love email, so do consumers, who list email as their preferred method of engaging with brands. Although the basic send-receive functionality of email has remained largely unchanged, the major inbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo! and AOL continue to modernize the email experience to provide more value for their users. In response, marketers must evolve their email marketing strategies in order to stand out in over-saturated inboxes. To continue to be effective in 2015, marketers must proactively monitor and address the subtle yet impactful changes implemented by popular ISPs and adapt their tactics to ensure they continue to reach their customers.

According to Digital Marketer’s Guide to the Top Trends of 2015 by StrongView, Apple covers more than 45% market share for email clients across internet followed by Gmail and Outlook! This itself shows the important of email usage amongst Apple users.

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Email Marketing – Transformation

Email Marketing – Transformation


According to Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study conducted by Silverpop this year, we can easily conclude that Email marketing is not dead or even dying, but it should be the major component of online marketing activities.

The study says industries like Lodging, Travel Agencies & Services, Insurance, Consumer Products, Nonprofits, Associations & Government, and Schools & Education has email open rates more than 50% in the top Quartile. Travel sector is leading with whooping 56.7 % open rates.

Transactional email messages has mean open rates of about 45% and the top quartile more than 72%, if utilized effectively, these emails can serve as excellent channel for cross-sell/upsell content. An email confirmation for an Air Ticket can be used to cross sell other options like Hotel, Transfer or even Insurance products with a small promotional fare.

Email Click Through rates remains unchanged as 2014 at 7% to 13% which is very good whilst calculate the ROI of email marketing campaign. Brands in APAC led the pack on the CTR, which is as expected since they posted the highest open rates. Travel vertical has good 15.2% CTR in the top Quartile.

The report says that email marketing campaign is still effective and it’s in transformation phase with world class technology. It will bring revolutionary changes if email marketing clubbed with new technics and innovations and digital marketers can expect magical ROI.

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